P E O   O N E - O N - O N E   M E E T I N G S


Please note if you are interested in scheduling One-on-One Sessions your registration will need to be in by Friday, 31 May to be eligible to participate.

  • All One-on-One meetings will be scheduled in 15 minute increments on Friday, 21 June.
  • This year's list of PEOs:
    • AFPEO Mobility & Training Systems
    • AFPEO Agile Combat Support
    • AFPEO Presidential Executive Airlift
    • AFPEO Fighter/Bomber
    • AFPEO Tankers
    • AFPEO Armament
    • AFPEO Digital
    • AFPEO C3I & Networks
    • AFPEO Business & Enterprise Systems
    • AFLCMC Program Development & Integration
    • AFLCMC Small Business
  • Requests are on a First Come/First Served Basis and will be accepted up until Friday, 31 May. To be eligible to be part of the One on One’s you must be registered for LCID. You will have the opportunity to select your PEO of interest on the registration form.
  • The One on One’s will be limited to three (3) PEO’s. Once you have registered, an Air Force representative will contact you to obtain a short synopsis of your proposed capability as it relates to future government requirements.
  • Once the information has been reviewed and scheduled, an email will be sent to you of your scheduled time slot. Please allow 7-10 days for a response.

Questions may be directed to AFLCMC.OZT.LCID@us.af.mil

Register and Schedule a One-on-One