P E O   O N E - O N - O N E   M E E T I N G S


Part of our goal in fostering meaningful relationships between industry and Program Executive Officers (PEOs) is met by the highly anticipated PEO One-on-One sessions on Thursday, 5 August. This is a time for industry leaders and Program Execution Directors to speak One-on-One and discuss near and long term requirements and possible partnerships. The PEO One-on-Ones this year will be conducted as follows:

  • Industry can request up to 3 Directorates from the list below to schedule a 15 minute One-on-One phone session. (Selections will be made at time of registration) (We will try our best to fulfill desired requests; there are no guaranteed meetings)
  • Only one representative per Company. (If your organization has multiple locations/divisions/sectors and multiple attendees registering only one representative/attendee can register for the One-on-One Sessions)
  • Program Execution Directors will host 7 large and 7 small business phone sessions for the day.
  • When requests are made for One-on-One sessions, you must upload an overview/description of your company (in the available field during registration). Point of contact information also should be included (name, phone number, and email address) to schedule One-on-One phone sessions. (Required at time of registration)
  • Submissions are due no later than Monday, 12 July 2021 at 1600 EST.
  • Incomplete or emailed submissions will not be accepted.

When all submissions have been received and matched, you will be contacted by an AF representative to get you scheduled for your One-on-One phone sessions. Below are the list of Program Execution Directorates and PEOs that you may choose from for One-on-One sessions:

  • Mobility & Training Systems - Mr. Paul Waugh, Col Aaron Tucker
  • AFSAC - Brig Gen Brian Bruckbauer (Director)
  • Agile Combat Support - Col Lea Kirkwood, Mr. Kevin Keck
  • ISR/SOF - Col William Rogers, Ms. Diana Pry
  • Fighters and Advanced A/C - Brig Gen Dale White, Mr. Donald Thompson
  • Presidential & Executive Airlift - Brig Gen Britton, Mr. John
  • Bombers - Brig Gen John Newberry, Ms. Jennifer Morgan
  • Armament - Brig Gen Heath Collins, Mr. Magdy Sorial
  • Digital - Mr. Steven Wert, Col Ryan Mantz
  • C3I & Networks - Maj Gen Michael Schmidt, Mr. Scott Owens
  • Business & Enterprise Systems - Mr. Richard Aldridge, Col Kyle Reybitz
  • Rapid Sustainment Office - Lt Gen Shaun Morris, Mr. Nathan Parker
  • Architecture & Integration - Mr. Thomas Hamilton, Lt Col William Allen
  • Propulsion - Mr. John Sneden, Col Ben Boehm
  • Small Business - Mr. Luke Schultz

If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to the LCID lead Ms. Whitney Speed (whitney.speed@us.af.mil) or Ms. Katie Hovis (kathyrn.hovis@us.af.mil).